March 28, 2006

Legalize Methamphetamine!

An interesting essay on why we should legalize Methamphetamine. The argument has several strands; freedom, finance, and that prohibition simply does not work. The freedom argument he sums up as:
In a free society, the owner of the property gets to decide how the property is used. Because you own your body, I assert that you should decide how your body is used or abused.
which is enough for me on it's own. But that is on it's own, it is just the start. Having defended many drug users dealers in court (and would therefore be out of work if drugs where legalised) he has many other points such as:
We know certain things for sure. If meth was no longer illegal:

1. All dangerous clandestine meth labs in residential neighborhoods would close;
2. All dangerous street gangs would be out of the meth business;
3. Every dime currently spent on meth prohibition could be spent on real crime;
4. Meth addicts would have no legal disincentive to seek help;
5. The manufacture of meth would be safe and produce a consistent product; and
6. Toxic waste from meth production would be safely disposed.


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